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The Moustache Mug
My Moustache

My Moustache Mug

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This image is typical of the Unique-Original Moustache Mug.


Here the Glaze is a “Shino”, of sorts - warm and lustrous.  All mugs are hand thrown on the potters wheel and subsequently altered.  Finally pulled handles are added and the mugs are fired to stoneware temperature (approx. 1280*C - 2336*F) making them especially durable and dishwasher proof.  Alternative glaze colours are sometimes available.  -  “contact us”  for details  -


No two mugs will ever be identical.


The Ainu People, the original inhabitants of Hokkaido, in the north of Japan developed their own moustache cup for use in sacred ceremonies, but you don’t need a moustache like the gentleman on the left to use my moustache mug, ------ it has even been suggested  that ladies who use wax or other depilatory products to rid themselves of that little ‘stache’ would find my mug very useful when they drink their coffee.

The Moustache mug was popular in Britain in the eighteen hundreds. Well taken cared of men in that day took as long as their female companions to get ready for fancy dinners out, including waxing and curling their moustaches. Unfortunately much of this primping effort was wasted during the after dinner coffee. The hot liquid tended to melt the wax on the upper lip, the results being quite embarrassing. The idea of adding a recessed bar with semi-circle cut out across the rim came about. The bar keeps the moustache away from the coffee………..